Seeking Passage (2019)

Piano and String Quartet


The journey that this piece presents is one that reflects my own struggles with transitioning into adulthood. I had previously thought that my naïveté would have faded into the past, but it is the opposite that bears the truth. Perhaps it is the realization of our own ignorance that signals the end of their coming of age, and the acceptance of this fact silences the over-thinker in our heads.

These thoughts are represented as a motif that is unmasked, revealing the depths of its complexity when heard under further scrutiny. The changing roles of the piano further emphasizing the idea of ‘passage’. Moreover, the narrative juxtaposition between the beginning and end of the piece serves as an apt metaphor to embody my self reflections of both my naive past, my inner insecurities and my inevitably uncertain future.

Piano/Composition: Foo Jeng Wong
Violin 1: Bengisu Gocke
Violin 2: Brian Urra
Viola: Louie Lau
Cello: Emmanuel Keller
Engineer/Mixing: Gabriel Gomez

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