Template – Tyshawn Sorey

Tyshawn Sorey is a brilliant musician whose sincere approach to his compositions is a trait that inspires me, and one which I strive to emulate. I strongly recommend his music to anyone looking for inspiration in their artistic pursuits. Here’s my cover of an excerpt of “Template” by Tyshawn Sorey.

Piano/Bass/Beatbox: Foo Jeng Wong
Drums: Roni Kaspi
Video: Jing Hwang
Mixing: Christopher Jimmy Lim

The Gathering Sky – Pat Metheny/Lyle Mays

Here is an arrangement of The Gathering Sky by Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays.

Foo Jeng Wong – Piano, Arranger
Jason Mountario – Electric Bass
Marvin Busseau – Drum Set
Soushi Kubota – Vibraphone
Christopher Jimmy Lim – Vocals, Vocal Editing
Jamichael Frazier – Flute
Sebastian Selame – Recording Engineer, Mixer
Donghee Kim – Assistant Engineer

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