Psalm 13 (2019)

SATB Divisi


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Psalm 13 is a depiction of David’s struggles with his inner thoughts and how it interferes with his religious experience. This negativity is circular, as demonstrated through the repetitive structure of the first stanza, and his escape is seemingly unattainable. David is later freed through his “trust” in the “light”, and he celebrates the Lord’s “unfailing love” through “praise” and worship.

I’ve illustrated this story by having the canonic vowels eventually progress into a melodic chorale, thus juxtaposing the depths of David’s anguish and euphoria. A sense of structure is also reflected through the pacing of the words.

I composed Psalm 13 in search of a middle ground between my Mother’s musical taste and religious stridence with my own, and I found great joy in discovering her appreciation for my pursuit of religious insight. It is my Mother who first sparked my love for music; and all that I hope to be, is because of her.

Composer/Conductor: Foo Jeng Wong
Mixing/Recording Engineer: Jeffrey Means

Sopranos: Taylor Bailey, Natalie Oronzo
Altos: Jillian Carelli, Marcela Panizza
Tenors: Shibo Sun, Aidan Vogel
Basses: Christopher Jimmy Lim, John Moorman

Album Art: Sara Kwon

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